«We create metals that leave a permanent sign»

Metaly® produces decorated, permanent and technologically advanced metals.
New materials for unique architectural projects, conceived for product and industrial design.


Customize your metal

The customer can choose the decoration, which will be performed through an electrochemical process that modifies the surface layer of the metal without adding pigments, paints, inks or other additives: it is not a print!


Metaly® metals allow cold machinability, preventing the decoration from deteriorating. It is therefore possible to cut, drill, bend and draw a Metaly® metal without damaging the decoration.


Metaly® metal decors have been tested to verify resistance to corrosion, UV rays, ionic release and wear, demonstrating that Metaly® metals are as resistant as the raw material.

Hygienic and sanitizable

Metaly® Metals have high antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics, as well as simpler bacterial removability in cleaning cycles than other materials usually used.


Metaly® metals are not painted, subjected to thermal shocks due to laser processing or treated with aggressive chemical products. They are eco-friendly, with zero environmental impact and recyclable.


Metaly® metals and their production processes are protected by international patents.



  • Building cladding and facades
  • Urban furniture and garden design
  • Museums, theatres and auditoriums
  • Churches and other religious places
  • Bridges, Airports and Stations
  • Lifts and escalators

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Interior Design

  • Interior home furnishings
  • Furnishings of shops, bars, restaurants, hotels
  • Furniture for yachts
  • Doors and partitions
  • Lighting
  • Accessories for fashion and design
  • Jewellery, watches and luxury products

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Industrial Design

  • Industrial kitchens
  • Domestic appliances
  • Wrapping and packaging systems
  • Food processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic process plants
  • Automotive
  • Marine Sector

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