The production process

The innovative process developed and patented by the Metaly® R&D department is able to create a permanent decoration on the metal surfaces of the raw materials, changing the surface structure through an electro-chemical process, thus transforming the material into a new decorated product: Metaly® metals are created.

The Metaly® Graphic Department is able to translate the customer’s idea into a digital file, which will be used in the production department to customize the raw material, thus creating the customer’s Metaly® metal.

The R&D department of Metaly® has invested in research for years, and has developed a proprietary system that allows the Graphic Department to achieve, if needed, the perfect graphic continuity between different consecutive slabs.

The Technical Office of Metaly® has the possibility of designing three-dimensional products (with folding, drawing etc.) without damaging the graphics of the decorations, obtaining the product according to the customer’s design. This is a unique feature, available only in our company.

Finally, in the Logistics Department, ad hoc packaging and transport systems are studied for each project, so to preserve the quality of Metaly® metals.

During each step of the production process, from the Graphic Department up to the shipment of the Metaly® metals to the customer, quality checks are carried out to guarantee the desired result.

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