From 1995 to the present

In 1995, three friends with completely different fields of expertise and
professional backgrounds began working together in a bid to develop new
surface treatment systems for stainless steel. After extensive research, they
succeeded in building machinery that was more technically advanced and
complete than any other technology on the market. At this point, they launched
their own company, Nitty Gritty, with Stefano Muratori at the helm as CEO
until 2012.

In addition to his duties as company CEO, Stefano Muratori also began
conducting intense research and development into the modification of metal
surfaces through electrochemical processes. This led to the foundation in 2012
of METALY®, a company whose mission was to create striking, permanently
decorated metals starting from simple metallic raw materials.
Where once the imagination might stretch to raw metal with a few paltry
aesthetic additions, now it has free rein thanks to METALY®, which heralds a
whole new landscape in metal.

Years of scientific research and development, working in tandem with Italian
research institutes and universities, coupled with the continuous technological
innovation that still characterizes the Group today, have enabled METALY® to
boost the global metal surfaces market with a patented product that amounts
to a veritable aesthetic and technical revolution.
The brainchild of Stefano Muratori and Massimo Pellegrini, the Metaly Group,
which in addition to Metaly s.r.l. also includes MCS s.r.l. and Officine ORG
s.r.l., was established in Modena, a powerhouse of Italian excellence in
manufacturing and craft industries.

MCS, with over fifteen years’ experience in graphic design, marketing and the
industrialization of related production processes, brings expert knowledge
courtesy of supply contracts ranging from Publishing and Packaging to the
Food & Beverage sector. The company is now the production plant, taking
delivery of raw metals which are transformed before leaving the premises as
METALY® products.

Officine ORG, established in 1976 as a structural metal workshop specialized
in the design and construction of tailor-made solutions for the mechanical and
ceramic tile industries, draws on its consolidated know-how and vast range
of services to offer clients finished and semi-finished goods produced using
Metaly® products.

Thus, Metaly® is today an industrial group whose mission is to bring global
markets highly innovative and unique products that herald a new vision and
interpretation of the concept of decorated metal.

Metaly® Brass