Metaly® Copper


Raw Material


Material used for glossy and matt surface finishes of internal and external coatings of elevators and escalators.

Metaly® technology can be used for various types of Copper.


Possibility of reproducing any image, graphic style or decorative pattern on Metaly® Copper slab.

Atmospheric and UV resistance

Tests have been carried out at the materials engineering department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia according to the UNI EN 1670: 2007 and UNI EN 508-2: 2019 directives.

The tests results have shown that Metaly® Copper is as resistant to salt mist and UV rays as the Copper raw material.

Contact with food products

The ion release and migration test of the surfaces carried out on Metaly® Copper have shown that the material has the same characteristics of the Copper raw material.

Ductility and Malleability

It is possible to apply deep drawing and more generally cold mechanical deformations on the Metaly® Copper slabs, keeping the continuity of the decoration on the surface intact.

Natural colouring

Metaly® Copper receives its colour range from the very nature of the material base with natural shades that vary from bright and brilliant bronzes to deep blacks.

Conditions of supply

The Metaly® Copper product is supplied in flat slabs of the same dimensions as the raw material used. Further processing can be integrated upon customer request.


For maintenance, Metaly® Copper products require the same treatments as the corresponding Copper raw material.


Metaly® Copper is a totally ecological and recyclable metal.

Raw material technical detail