Metaly® Gold


Raw Material

Copper and Aluminum alloy.

Metaly® Gold is a copper and aluminum alloy particularly suitable for facade claddings, where in a short time it shows a golden brown color that doesn’t change over time.


Possibility of reproducing any image, graphic style or decorative pattern on Metaly® Gold slab.

Atmospheric and UV resistance

Tests were carried out at the materials engineering department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia according to the UNI EN 1670: 2007 and UNI EN 508-2: 2019 directives.

The tests results have shown that Metaly® Gold is as resistant to salt mist and UV rays as the raw material itself: Copper and Aluminum Alloy.

Contact with food products

The ion release and migration test of the surfaces carried out on Metaly® Gold have shown that the material has the same characteristics of the raw material: Copper and Aluminum Alloy.

Ductility and Malleability

It is possible to apply deep drawing and more generally cold mechanical deformations on the Metaly® Gold slabs while maintaining the continuity of the decoration on the surface intact.

Natural colouring

Metaly® Gold receives its colour range from the very nature of the material base with natural shades that vary from golden brown to deep blacks.

Conditions of supply

The Metaly® Gold product is supplied in flat slabs of the same dimensions as the raw material used. Further processing can be integrated upon customer request.


For maintenance, Metaly® Gold products require the same treatments as the corresponding raw material: Copper and Aluminum Alloy.


Metaly® Gold is a totally ecological and recyclable metal.

Raw material technical detail